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An Overview
Special issues refer to papers usually arising from symposiums, conferences or articles based on a particular theme or subject area. A maximum of 20-25 top selected papers can be accommodated in one issue.

These same principles apply to special or theme series that have guest editors.

1. The guest editor must take full responsibility for the policies, practices, and content of supplements,
including control of the decision to publish such issues.
2. The guest editor must retain the authority to send supplement manuscripts for external peer review and
to reject manuscripts submitted for the supplement. These conditions should be made known to authors
and external supplement editors before beginning editorial work on the supplement.
3. The guest editor must approve the appointment of any external editor of the supplement and take
responsibility for the work of the external editor.
4. Guest editors must not accept personal favors or remuneration from sponsors of supplements, if any.
5. Secondary publication in special issues such as republication of papers published elsewhere is not
permitted. In exceptional cases, if permitted, should be clearly identified by the citation of the original
paper. Special issues should not contain redundant or duplicate publication.
6. The principles of authorship and disclosure of potential conflicts of interest discussed in the Journal's Code of Ethics should be applied to such special issues.

1. Guidelines on Pertanika's Special issue
2. Form 6a: Special Issue Agreement form (to be signed & submitted by the Guest Editor)
1. Originality Check Report (to be submitted by the Guest Editor for each manuscript)
2. Form 6b: Reviewer Information form (to be submitted by the Guest Editor for each manuscript)
3. Manuscript Reviewing GUIDE (for reviewers)
4. Manuscript Reviewing KIT (special issue) - for reviewers
5. Decision Form (special issue)- to be signed & submitted by the Guest Editor for each manuscript)

1. Instructions to Authors (for Manuscript preparation)
2. Manuscript Submission GUIDE (for author)
3. Cover Letter (to be signed by the author; refer to Manuscript Submission Guide)
4. Manuscript Submission KIT (special issue)- to be completed by the author
5. Copyright Agreement (to be completed & signed by the author)
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